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The Office of Research Administration team at Cedars-Sinai has developed a set of online courses in key areas of research administration. These sessions allow researchers to earn a certificate in research administration to further the efforts of the research community at Cedars-Sinai.

HealthStream Platform

We have partnered with HealthStream to deliver training in grant and research orientation, clinical research, and professional orientation. The HealthStream site is only accessible from within Cedars-Sinai.

Training Modules

Working with the Clinical Trials Administration Office and specific Cedars-Sinai clinical and regulatory departments, Office of Research Administration offers a 3-part course to provide new clinical research administrators with an in-person overview of the regulations, policies and internal process needed to conduct clinical research at Cedars-Sinai.

Each course lasts from 8 a.m. to noon. Course offerings include:

Clinical Research Introduction Module
  • Introduction to clinical research
  • Introduction to the regulatory environment
  • Overview of medical library resources
  • Introduction to Clinical Trials Administration Office
  • Introduction to Clinical and Translational Science Institute
  • Introduction to research pharmacy
Clinical Coordinators Science Institute
  • Informed consent
  • Study enrollment
  • Research chart organization
  • Clinical trial documentation
  • Adverse events and deviations
  • Preparing for a monitoring visit
  • Study closeout
Financial Module
  • Clinical contracting and budgeting principles
  • Medicare coverage analysis
  • Research billing and CS-Link™
  • Budget development
  • Post-award financial management

Grants and Research Orientation (GRO) courses provide new research administrators with a solid foundation in regulatory principles and best practices. They also provide practical instruction and guidance for navigating the myriad forms, policies and procedures related to managing grants and clinical trials. Note that courses GRO 101, 201, 401 and 501 are required for all departmental research administrators.

GRO 101: Cost Principles
  • Module 1: Uniform Administrative Requirements for Federal Awards
  • Module 2: 45 CFR Part 74, Appendix E (OASC-3)
  • Module 3: Audit Requirements for Federal Awards
GRO 102: Clinical Trials—the Legal and Regulatory Environment
GRO 201: Proposal and Budget Preparation
  • Module 1: Components of a Proposal
  • Module 2: Developing and Preparing the Budget
  • Module 3: Writing the Budget Justification and Preparing Cedars-Sinai Internal Forms
  • Module 4: Special Approvals, Submitting the Proposal and Planning Review
GRO 202: Budget Development for Industry Funded Clinical Trials
GRO 301: National Institutes of Health—a Guided Tour
GRO 401: Grant & Award Management
GRO 501: Financial Management of Sponsored Projects
  • Module 1: Understanding Financial Reports
  • Module 2: Portfolio Management and Expenditure Review
GRO 502: Special Topics in Financial Management of Sponsored Projects
  • Module 1: Internally Funded Projects
GRO 503: Special Topics in Financial Management of Sponsored Projects
  • Module 1: Understanding PeopleSoft Project Security
GRO 601: Export Controls
Technology & Innovations

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Office of Research Administration

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