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Visiting Students Application Information & Coordinators

Student Elective Coordinator

VSAS Application & Coordinators
VSAS Application & Coordinators
VSAS Application & Coordinators
VSAS Application & Coordinators
General Information

Notification and Acceptance Process

Student coordinators contact the student applicant with an elective offer. The applicant must respond to accept the offer and submit an online payment of $75 within 3 days from the time the offer was made in order for enrollment to actually take place.

Processing Fee

$75 per elective


Cancellations and Refunds

The elective fee is nonrefundable or transferable to another elective.

Course Catalog

Visiting students will be considered for senior clinical electives only. Core clinical clerkships are not available to visiting students.


Visiting students should upload their home school's evaluation to VSAS or bring a copy with them for completion by the elective sponsor.


All correspondence with Cedars-Sinai regarding the status of your elective request and inquiries regarding availability of a specific elective will be addressed by the Student Program Coordinator in the service for which you are applying.


Parking fee is $20 for the term of the elective. Students will need to pay this fee directly to the Parking Office on their first day of rotation.


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